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Zinc naphthenate CAS:12001-85-3

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Zinc naphthenate CAS:12001-85-3

CAS: 12001-85-3

MF: 2(C11H7O2).Zn

MW: 319.71

EINECS: 234-409-2

Synonyms: Einecs 234-409-2;Naphtenate de zinc [iso-french];Zinc uversol fungicide;Zinc Naphthenate (Zn ca. 10%);Zinc Naphthenate (Zn ca. 8%);Zinc naphthenate Basic information;Zinc naphthenate in Mineral spirits (10% Zn);ZINC NAPHTHENATE




Zinc naphthenate CAS:12001-85-3 Product introduction

Product name: Zinc naphthenate

CAS: 12001-85-3

MF: 2(C11H7O2). Zn

MW: 319.71

Appearance: brown oily liquid

Zinc naphthenate properties :

product is formed by the reaction of petroleum naphthenic acid and zinc oxide under certain conditions. It is a good anti-rust additive for oil products; at the same time, it has a good drying effect on paint, which can improve drying efficiency. It can make the paint film have a longer open time, can effectively eliminate the discoloration of the resin and the paint film, and can make the paint film completely dry and have good hardness.

Zinc naphthenate COA:

Name Zinc Naphthenate experimental
Grade MHZn-4 MHZn-8 MHZn-14
Appearance brown oily liquid Visual
Metal content, % 4±0.2 8±0.2 14±0.2 GB9723-88
oil soluble fully soluble HG/T2267-1996
Solution stability Homogeneous without precipitation HG/T2267-1996
Flash point ℃ ≥30 GB26183
Color number (iron
cobalt colorimetry)
≤4 GB/T1722-92

Zinc naphthenate Application

1. It is used to prepare various antirust oils and greases, used in combination with barium petroleum sulfonate to prepare cast iron antirust oils.

2. Mainly used as rust inhibitor and corrosion inhibitor for metal products, drier, wetting agent, insecticide, mildew inhibitor, wood preservative, etc. for paint,
printing ink and resin.

Zinc naphthenate Package

200 liters iron drum, the net content of each drum is 180 kg.

Zinc naphthenate storage and transportation:

From the date of production, the effective storage period is one year.

Zinc naphthenate Related Products:

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