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Tween 80 CAS:9005-65-6

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Tween 80 CAS:9005-65-6

CAS: 9005-65-6

MF: C24H44O6

MW: 428.600006103516

EINECS: 500-019-9

Synonyms: CHROMOGENIC SELECTIVE E.COLI 55MM;TRYPTONE SOY BROTH 120X15ML;TRYPTONE SOY BROTH 20X15ML;TWEEN(R) 80 Vetec(TM) reagent grade;CCA COLIFORMS CHROMOGENIC A. (ISO) 55MM;armotanpmo-20;atlox1087;atlox8916tf



Tween 80 CAS:9005-65-6 Product Introduction

Product name: Tween 80

CAS: 9005-65-6

MF: C24H44O6

MW: 428.600006103516

Appearance: amber oily liquid


This product is amber oily liquid with relative density of 1.00±0.05, viscosity of 0.40~0.60Pa·s (25℃), flash point of 288℃, and HLB value of 10.0. Soluble in mineral oil, corn oil, dioxane, Chemicalbook cellosolve, methanol, ethanol, ethyl acetate, aniline and toluene, petroleum ether, cottonseed oil, acetone, carbo tetrachloride. It is also soluble in 5% sulfuric acid, sodium hydroxide, sodium sulfate and aluminum chloride, and is dispersed in water, ether and ethylene glycol.


product name Tween 80 CAS 9005-65-6
Production Date 2022.08.20 test date 2022.08.22
Test items Test standard Test results
Exterior Amber viscous oil (25°C) Amber viscous oil
Acid value mgKOH/g ≤2.0 1.18
Saponification value
43-55 52.05
Hydroxyl value mgKOH/g 65-82 77
Moisture% ≤2.0 0.44
test results qualified

Tween 80  Application:

1.This product is widely used in oil extraction and transportation, medicine, cosmetics, paint pigments, textiles, food, pesticides. It is used as emulsifier, dispersant, stabilizer, diffusing agent, lubricant, softener, antistatic agent, rust inhibitor, finishing agent, viscosity reducer, etc. in detergent production and metal surface antirust cleaning.

2.It is used as emulsifier, wetting agent, penetrating agent, diffusing agent, etc. It is also used as a component of cotton fiber and viscose cord tensioning oil. Used as an emulsifier in the production of polyurethane foam. The food industry is used as an emulsifier for ice cream. The dosage is 0.1% butter, and the general oil is about 1%.

3.Used as solubilizer, diffusing agent, antistatic agent, stabilizer, lubricant, etc.

4.It can be used as a stationary liquid in gas chromatography for the separation of alcohols, ketones, esters and the separation of fatty acids and hydrocarbons

5.As O/W type food emulsifier, used alone or mixed with Span-60, Span-65 and Span-80. my country stipulates that it can be used to emulsify natural pigments, and the maximum usage is 1.g/kg; the maximum usage in milk is 1.5g/kg; the maximum usage in ice cream and ice cream is 1.0g/kg.

6.This product has excellent emulsifying, dispersing, wetting and other properties. In the food industry, it is used as an emulsifier, dispersant and turbidity for soft drinks such as ice cream, bread, cakes, candies, etc. The dosage is 0.1% to 0.5% to prevent creamy food from splashing, food aging, and to improve quality, increase gloss, improve taste, and improve softness. Especially for creamy chocolate toffee, there is a clear anti-blooming effect. It can be used alone or together with food emulsifiers such as glycerides and sucrose esters to exert a synergistic effect. It is also widely used as a solubilizer in advanced cosmetics, light textiles, and pharmaceutical industries. It is also widely used in textiles, paints, emulsion explosives, pesticides, printing, petroleum and other industries as emulsifiers, stabilizers, lubricants, softeners, and antistatic agents.



Storage and transportation:

Do not mix with harmful substances, store and transport as general chemicals, and the shelf life is one year.

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