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Strontium titanate CAS:12060-59-2

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Strontium titanate CAS:12060-59-2

CAS: 12060-59-2

MF: O3SrTi

MW: 183.49

EINECS: 235-044-1

Synonyms: STRONTIUM TITANIUM OXIDE;STRONTIUM TITANIUM OXIDE SUBSTRATE;STRONTIUM TITANATE;STRONTIUM (II) TITANATE;titanate, strontium;Strontium Titanate I;strontium titanium trioxide;Strontiumtitanatewhitetooffwhitepowder




Strontium titanate CAS:12060-59-2 Product introduction

Product name: Strontium titanate

CAS: 12060-59-2

MF: O3SrTi

MW: 183.49

Appearance: white cubic crystal.

Strontium titanate Chemical Properties:

White cubic crystals. Relative density 5.13. Melting point 2080 ℃. With high refractive index and high dielectric constant. poisonous!

Strontium titanate CAS:12060-59-2 COA:

Item ST-107 ST-101
SrO/TiO2 1.000±0.02 1.000+±0.01
BaO(wt%) <0.05 <0.05
Fe2O3(wt%) <0.01 <0.01
K2O+Na2O(wt%) <0.01 <0.01
Al2O3(wt%) <0.1 <0.1
SiO2(wt%) <0.1 <0.1

Strontium titanate CAS:12060-59-2 Application:

1.It is an important raw material in the electronics industry, used to automatically adjust heating elements and manufacture components with degaussing effect. In the field of ceramics, it is used to manufacture

ceramic capacitors, piezoelectric ceramic materials, ceramic sensitive components, and microwave ceramic components. It can also be used as pigment, enamel, heat-resistant material and insulating material.

Strontium titanate single crystal can be used as optical materials and artificial gems.

2.Strontium titanate (SrTiO3) has a typical perovskite-type structure and is a widely used electronic functional ceramic material. It has the advantages of high dielectric constant, low dielectric loss, and good

thermal stability. It is widely used in electronic , machinery and ceramic industries.

3.As a functional material, strontium titanate has a high band gap

Strontium titanate Packaging:

Packed in bags, each bag has a net weight of 25 kg.

Strontium titanate Storage method:

Store in a cool, ventilated and dry place to prevent sunand rain.

Strontium titanate Related Products——Strontium series:

Product Name CAS No.
 Strontium sulfate 7759-02-6
Strontium peroxide 1314-18-7
Strontium titanate  12060-59-2


1. What is the price of Strontium titanate?

For specific prices, please contact our foreign trade department.

2.Is Strontium titanate in stock?

We need to check with the warehouse.

3. What is the purpose of Strontium titanate?

Detailed usage is in the product details page.


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