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Sodium tripolyphosphate CAS:7758-29-4

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Sodium tripolyphosphate CAS:7758-29-4

CAS: 7758-29-4

MF: Na5O10P3

MW: 367.86

EINECS: 231-838-7

Synonyms: SODIUM TRIPOLYPHOSPHATE;STPP FG Granular 20G;Food Grade Sodium Tripolyphosphate;armofos;empiphosstp-d;freez-gardfp19;natriumtripolyphosphat;poly




Sodium tripolyphosphate CAS:7758-29-4 Product Introduction

Name: Sodium tripolyphosphate

CAS number: 7758-29-4

Molecular formula: Na5O10P3

Molecular weight: 367.86

EINECS Number: 231-838-7

Appearance: white powder

Solubility: easily soluble in water, the aqueous solution is alkaline


Sodium tripolyphosphate, alias pentasodium phosphate, sodium pyrometaphosphate, STPP, pentasodium tripolyphosphate. White powder crystal, good fluidity, relative molecular mass 367.86, melting point 622℃, easily soluble in water, its aqueous solution is alkaline.

Sodium tripolyphosphate PRODUCT SPECIFICATION:

Item Food Grade Resulit White
Appearance White powder powder 96.2%
Assay ≥85.0% 57.0%
P2O5 56.0%-59.0% 9.6
PH 9.1-10.2 0.08%
Water insoluble matter ≤0.1% Pass
Fluoride ≤10 ppm Pass
Arsenic ≤3 ppm Pass
Lead ≤2ppm Pass 

Sodium tripolyphosphate Application:

1.Sodium tripolyphosphate is an excellent performance detergent additives, but also the detergent production process is the largest amount of components, its role in four areas:

(1)the chelation of heavy metal ions: heavy metal ions in the water during the washing process can be combined with detergent molecules into insoluble metal salts, so that the washing capacity is reduced, or even completely lost. Therefore, the detergent must be added to make the heavy metal ions contained in the water into a harmless chelating agent. Sodium tripolyphosphate has a strong chelating effect on heavy metal ions, which can seal them up and eliminate their adverse effects on washing. In addition, it can also capture the various metal components contained in the dirt, in the washing process to play a role in the dissociation of dirt, can be used as a soap synergist and to prevent the bar soap grease precipitation and frost.

(2) the role of the dirt to decollate, emulsify and disperse: dirt often contains human secretions (mainly proteins and fatty substances), also contains sand and dust from the outside world. Sodium tripolyphosphate on the protein in the dirt has a swelling, solubilizing effect, so as to play the effect of ungumming; to promote the emulsification of fats; to promote the dispersion of solid dirt; lubricants and fats have a strong emulsification effect, can be used to adjust the PH value of buffer soap.

(3)the role of detergents to prevent caking: powdered synthetic detergents are hygroscopic, such as storage in places with high humidity, caking will occur. phenomenon. Caked detergent is extremely inconvenient to use. Sodium tripolyphosphate, on the other hand, forms a hexahydrate after absorbing water, which has the property of dryness. When used in large quantities in detergent formulations, it can prevent caking caused by moisture absorption and maintain the dry granularity of synthetic detergents.4 It has a large alkaline buffering effect and keeps the pH of the washing solution at about 9.4, thus facilitating the removal of acidic dirt.

2.Moisture retention agent, quality improver, pH adjuster, metal chelating agent. China’s “Health Standards for the Use of Food Additives” (GB2760-2011) stipulates that: canned food, fruit juice (fruit-flavored) beverages, vegetable protein drinks, the maximum use of 1.0g/kg; dairy products, poultry products, meat products, ice cream, instant noodles, the maximum use of 5.0g/kg. kg; condensed milk shall not exceed 0.50g/kg; this product and sodium pyrophosphate, sodium phosphate compound use, in terms of phosphate shall not exceed 5g/kg; Western-style steamed, smoked ham according to GB13101-1991 “Western style steamed, smoked ham health standards”, compound use shall not exceed 5g/kg (Western-style ham can be added appropriately, 8g/kg in terms of phosphate.

Use reference:

used in canned ham, under the appropriate conditions conducive to product quality, such as finished product form integrity, good color, tender meat, easy to slice, cut surface glossy. Sodium tripolyphosphate is used in the curing of raw meat for ham. For every l00kg of meat, add 2.2kg of No.3 mixed salt (91.65% refined salt, 8% sugar, 0.35% sodium nitrite) and 85g of sodium tripolyphosphate, mix thoroughly and curing in cold storage at 0~4℃ for 48~72h, with good effect. Used for canned fava beans production, canmake bean skin softening. Many fruits and vegetables have tough outer skin, with the maturity of fruits and vegetables, the tougher the outer skin. In fruit and vegetable processing hot blanching or soaking with water, adding polyphosphate, can complex calcium, thus reducing the toughness of the outer skin.

3.It is used as an efficient water softener for cooling water treatment in power stations, rolling stock, boilers and fertilizer plants. It has strong ability to complex Ca2+, and can complex 19.5g of calcium per 100g. Moreover, the chelating effect and adsorption and dispersion of SHMP destroy the normal growth process of calcium phosphate and other crystals, and prevent the formation of calcium phosphate scale. With the dosage of 0.5mg/ L, the rate of preventing scaling reaches 95%~100%.

4.It can be used as water softener for industrial water, pretanning agent for tanning, dyeing auxiliary, mud control agent for oil well digging, oil stain prevention agent for paper making, effective dispersant for suspension treatment of paint, kaolin, magnesium oxide, calcium carbonate, etc.




Store in closed containers in a cool, dry, well-ventilated place away from incompatible substances and store in favor of protected from moisture.

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