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Sodium polyacrylate CAS:9003-04-7

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Sodium polyacrylate CAS:9003-04-7

CAS: 9003-04-7

MF: (C3H3NaO2)n

MW: 0

EINECS: 999-999-2

About: Sodium polyacrylate used as corrosion and scale inhibitor, water quality stabilizer, paint thickener and water retention agent, flocculant, drilling mud treatment agent, etc.




Sodium polyacrylate CAS:9003-04-7 Product introduction

Product name: Sodium polyacrylate

CAS: 9003-04-7

MF: C3H4O2

MW: 72.06

Appearance: White powder.

Sodium polyacrylate properties :

Sodium polyacrylate is a white powder. Odorless and tasteless. Extremely hygroscopic. Polymeric compounds with hydrophilic and hydrophobic groups. Sodium polyacrylate is slowly dissolved in water to form a very viscous transparent liquid. The viscosity of its 0.5% solution is about Pa s. The viscosity is not caused by water absorption and swelling (such as CMC, sodium alginate), but is caused by many anionic groups in the molecule. The ionic phenomenon causes the molecular chain to grow, the apparent viscosity increases and Chemicalbook forms a highly viscous solution.

Sodium polyacrylate COA:

Item Specification Result
Appearance White powder or granulesr White powder or granules
Free alkali passed passed
Sulfate (SO4), W % ≤0.48 no
Residual monomer, W % ≤1.0 0.91
oligomer,W % ≤5.0 1.70
Dry reduction,W % ≤10.0 3.55
Burning residue (on dry basis),W % ≤76.0 68.16
Heavy metals (in PB) /mg/kg ≤20 no
Total arsenic (AS)/mg/kg ≤3 no
Rotational viscosity (2# rotor,
30rmp,25℃) 2% concentration
400-800 530-630
Conclusion: Complies with ENTERPRISE STANDARD.

Sodium polyacrylate Application

1.Sodium polyacrylate used as corrosion and scale inhibitor, water quality stabilizer, paint thickener and water retention agent, flocculant, drilling mud treatment agent, etc.
2.This agent is used for circulating cold water treatment of copper equipment, and its scale inhibition effect is good.
3.Sodium polyacrylate used as thickener and stabilizer in sauce products, cream, tomato sauce. It is used as a dispersant in fruit juice and wine. It can improve the taste and enhance the stability of ice cream. Surface jelly for frozen and processed aquatic products to preserve freshness. It can also change the protein structure, enhance the viscoelasticity of food, and improve the organization.
4.Used asthickener.
5.Used as a fluid loss control agent in the low solid phase drilling industry. 6.Is a good scale and dispersant

Sodium polyacrylate Package

– 25kg moisture-proof woven bag lined with two layers of plastic bags,
– 1000kg moisture-proof big bag lined with two layers of plastic bags.

Sodium polyacrylate storage and transportation:

Should be stored in a dry, cool, well-ventilated place.
To prevent sun exposure, isolate from fire and heat sources, and do not store and transport with ammonia, oxygen, phosphorus, antimony powder and alkalis. It should be kept away from sawdust, shavings, straw, etc. to prevent burning.

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