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Sodium iodide CAS:7681-82-5

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Sodium iodide CAS:7681-82-5

CAS: 7681-82-5


MW: 149.89

EINECS: 231-679-3

Synonyms: SODIUM IODIDE;UV-VIS STANDARD 3;UV-VIS STANDARD 3: SODIUM IODIDE;Anayodin;Hydriodic acid sodium salt;ioduredesodium;Ioduril;Jodid sodny




Sodium iodide CAS:7681-82-5 Product Introduction

Alias: sodium iodide, anhydrous; ultra-dry sodium iodide; anhydrous sodium iodide

English name: Sodium iodide

Cas number: 7681-82-5

Molecular weight: 149.89

EC NO: 231-679-3

Molecular formula: NaI

Specifications: Homemade

Packing: 25KG/drum

Content: ≥99.9%

Implementation standard: in line with the national pharmacopoeia standard (20 1 0 edition)

Sodium iodide Appearance:

Colorless cubic crystal and powder. Odorless, salty and bitter taste. It has dehumidification properties, absorbs water and clots in moist air.


Cardboard drum lined with plastic bag, 25KG/drum

Sodium iodide Properties:

White crystals or granules. Odorless, salty and slightly bitter. There is deliquescence. In air and aqueous solution, iodine gradually precipitates and turns yellow or brown. 1g dissolved in 0.5ml water, about 2ml ethanol, 1ml glycerol, dissolved in acetone. Heated to 64.3 C can be dissolved in its own crystal water.


Sealed, dry and protected from light.


Trace determination of cesium, platinum and thallium, etc. Cosolvent for iodine. photograph. Quality inspection information

Sodium iodide Index:

content,% ≥99.9% qualified
Alkalinity  ( as OH-)/(mmol/100g) ≤0.4 qualified
Barium (Ba), % ≤0.001 qualified
iodate (IO3) qualified qualified
Heavy metals (as Pb),  % ≤0.0005 qualified
Calcium  and  magnesium  ( as Ca), % ≤0.005 qualified
Nitrogen  compounds ( N),  % ≤0.002 qualified
Iron (Fe), % ≤0.0005 qualified
Sulfate (SO4), % ≤0.01 qualified

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