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Sodium DL-Malate CAS:676-46-0

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Sodium DL-Malate CAS:676-46-0

CAS: 676-46-0

MF: C4H7NaO5

MW: 158.08

EINECS: 211-627-6

Synonyms: SODIUM DL-MALATE;SODIUM MALATE;Apple sodiuM;DL-Apple Acid Disodium Salt DL-Malic Acid Disodium Salt;DisodiuM DL-Malate?;SodiuM DL-Ma1ate;DL-Malic acid disodiuM salt >=95% (capillary GC);Sodium 2-hydroxysuccinate




Sodium DL-Malate CAS:676-46-0 Product Introduction

Name: Sodium DL-Malate

CAS Number: 676-46-0

Molecular formula: C4H7NaO5

Molecular weight: 158.08

EINECS Number: 211-627-6

Physical and chemical properties:

White crystal powder, odorless and salty, easily soluble in water

Items Specifications Results
Assay 98.0102.0% 98.97%
Loss on drying 20.5-23.5% 21.53%
Alkalineas Na2CO3 ≤0.2% 0.2%
fumaric acid
≤1.0% 1.0%
Maleic acid
≤0.05% 0.05%
≤2mg/kg 2mg/kg

Sodium DL-Malate Application:

1.Can be used as seasoning, buffer, water-retaining agent, and preservative and fresh-keeping agent.

2.Widely used in beverages, meat products, oral liquids, etc.




Room temperature ventilation preservation

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