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Pyromellitic Dianhydride CAS:89-32-7

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Pyromellitic Dianhydride CAS:89-32-7

CAS: 89-32-7

MF: C10H2O6

MW: 218.12

EINECS: 201-898-9

Synonyms: 1,2,4,5-Benzenetetracarboxylic 1,2:4,5-dianhydride; 1,2,4,5benzenetetracarboxylic1,2:4,5dianhydride; 1,2,4,5-benzenetetracarboxylic1,2:4,5-dianhydride; 1,2,4,5-Benzenetetracrboxylicdianhydride; pyromelliticacidanhydride; pyromelliticaciddianhydride; Pyromelliticanhydride; 1,2,4,5-BENZENETETRACARBOXYLIC ANHYDRIDE



Pyromellitic Dianhydride CAS:89-32-7 Product introduction

Product name: Pyromellitic Dianhydride

CAS: 89-32-7


MW: 218.12

Appearance:White or yellow block and powder solid crysta

Pyromellitic Dianhydride Chemical Properties:

It is a white or yellow block and powder solid crystal with a specific gravity of 1.68, which is soluble in acetone, dimethylacetamide and other solvents.

Pyromellitic Dianhydride CAS:89-32-7 COA:

Item Standard Value Result
Appearance White or light yellow crystal-like White crystal-like
% Assay ≥99.50 99.75%
℃ Melting point 284.0~288.0 286.8℃
Free acid ,% ≤0.5 0.19%

Pyromellitic Dianhydride CAS:89-32-7 Application:

1.Mainly used as raw material of polyimide, curing matting agent of epoxy resin and cross-linking agent of polyester resin.

2.Used in the manufacture of polyimide films, polyimide resins, matting agents for powder coatings, and advanced electrical insulating materials.

3.It is used to make polyimide resin, high temperature resistant electrical insulating paint, PVC plasticizer, synthetic resin crosslinking agent and epoxy resin curing agent, and also used to make phthalocyanine blue dye, etc.

Furfural Packaging:

Packaging: The product is packaged in double layers, the inner layer is plastic film, and the outer layer is poke with cardboard, which can be packaged into a net weight of 25kg to 200kg according to customer needs.

Furfural Storage method:

Store in a dry and ventilated place to prevent moisture deterioration.

Pyromellitic Dianhydride Related Products——Carboxylic acid anhydride:

Product name Cas No.
4,4′-Oxydianiline 101-80-4
2,2′-Bis(trifluoromethyl)benzidine 341-58-2
Pyromellitic Dianhydride 89-32-7
3,3′,4,4′-Biphenyltetracarboxylic dianhydride 2420-87-3
4,4′-Oxydiphthalic anhydride 1823-59-2


1. What is the price of Pyromellitic Dianhydride?

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2.Is Pyromellitic Dianhydride in stock?

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3. What is the purpose of Pyromellitic Dianhydride?

Detailed usage is in the product details page.


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