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Povidone iodine CAS:25655-41-8

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Povidone iodine CAS:25655-41-8

CAS: 25655-41-8


MW: 141.2108

EINECS: 607-771-8

Synonyms: PovidoneIodine(Betadine;1-Ethenyl-2-pyrrolidinone homopolymer compound with iron;disadined.p.;disphex;efo-dine;inadine;iodine-polyvinylpyrrolidonecomplex;poly(1-(2-oxo-1-pyrrolidinyl)ethylene)iodinecomplex




Povidone iodine CAS:25655-41-8 Product Introduction

Product name: Povidone iodine

CAS: 25655-41-8


MW: 364.95

Appearance: Yellow-brown to brown-red amorphous powder


Povidone-iodine is a loose complex formed by the combination of elemental iodine and polymer carrier, and povidone plays the role of carrier and solubilization. It is a yellow-brown to brown-red amorphous powder at room temperature. Slightly odorous, easily soluble in water or ethanol, the aqueous solution is acidic, insoluble in ether, chloroform, acetone, ethane and carbon tetrachloride. Povidone-iodine aqueous solution has no disadvantages of iodine tincture, light coloring, easy to wash off, little irritation to mucosa, no need for ethanol deiodination, no corrosive effect, and low toxicity


Item Standard Results
Appearance Reddish brown to yellow brown
amorphous powder
Effective iodine /% 9.0-12.0 Conform
Residue on
≤0.1 Conform
Loss on drying /% ≤8.0 Conform
Iodine ion /% ≤6.0 Conform
PH value (10%
aqueous solution)
1.2-5.0 Conform
Assay : min99% 99.2%

Povidone iodine  Application:

1.With the bactericidal effect of iodine, it can be used as a bactericidal disinfectant and bacteriostatic agent in pharmaceuticals, used for antiseptics such as eye drops, nasal drops, creams, etc., and can also be

made into disinfectant

2.Mainly used for skin disinfection and equipment disinfection such as hospital surgery and injection, as well as infection prevention in oral, gynecology, surgery, dermatology, etc.; sterilization and disinfection of

household tableware and utensils; food industry, aquaculture for sterilization and animal diseases It is the first choice of iodine-containing medical fungicides and sanitary and anti-epidemic disinfectants at home

and abroad.

3.Iodine carrier. Tamed iodine “tamediodine.” This product can gradually release iodine and play an antibacterial effect. Its mechanism of action is to denature and die of bacterial protein. It is effective against bacteria, fungi and viruses, and is characterized by less irritation to tissues.




Stored in cool and dry air-flowing area preventing sunlight

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