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Potassium phosphate tribasic CAS:7778-53-2

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Potassium phosphate tribasic CAS:7778-53-2

CAS: 7778-53-2


MW: 212.266261

EINECS: 231-907-1

Synonyms: POTASSIUM O-PHOSPHATE;POTASSIUM PHOSPHATE TRIBASIC;Potassium Phosphate, Tribasic, Reagent;dipotassium phosphate for feed;potassium hydrogen phosphate for feed;Potassium phosphate, min. 97%;Potassium phosphate tribasic, anhydrous, 97%, pure;Potassium phosphate, tribasic, anhydrous, pure




Potassium phosphate tribasic CAS:7778-53-2 Product introduction

Product name: Potassium phosphate tribasic

CAS: 7778-53-2


MW: 212.266261

Appearance: White granular powder.

Potassium phosphate tribasic properties :

Tripotassium phosphate, also known as potassium phosphate, is a white granular powder, easily hygroscopic, with a relative density of 2.564 (17°C) and a melting point of 1340°C. Soluble in water, showing alkaline reaction.

Insoluble in ethanol. Used as water softener, fertilizer, liquid soap, food additive, etc. It can be prepared by adding potassium hydroxide to dipotassium
hydrogen phosphate solution.

Potassium phosphate tribasic COA:

Quality Index Specification GB 25563–2010
Content (K3PO4, calcined dry basis),w/% ≥ Assay,W/% ≥ 97.0
Arsenic (As),mg/ kg    ≤ Arsenic mg/kg
Fluoride (as F),mg/kg ≤ Fluorides,mg/kg
pH(10g/L aqueous solution) pH(10g/L) 11.5-12
Heavy metals (as Pb),mg/kg ≤ Heavy metals, mg/kg ≤ 10
Water insoluble matter,w/% ≤ Insoluble Substa nces,w/% ≤ 0.2
Lead (Pb)mg/kg ≤ Lead,mg/kg ≤ 24
burn reduction, w/% Loss on Ignition,w/% 5.0

Potassium phosphate tribasic Application

1. Emulsifier, potassium fortifier; flavoring agent; meat binder; alkaline water for preparing pasta products.

2. In the food industry, it is used as an emulsifier, a potassium fortifier, a flavoring agent, and a meat binder.

3. For the manufacture of liquid soap, refined gasoline, high-quality paper.

4. Good buffer solvent, widely used in biochemical experiments.

Potassium phosphate tribasic Package

Lined with polyethylene plastic bags, outer layer of composite plastic woven bags, each bag has
a net weight of 25 kg.

Potassium phosphate tribasic storage and transportation:

This product should be stored in a dry, ventilated and clean warehouse. When loading and transporting, it should be handled lightly to prevent damage to the package, prevent moisture and heat, and prevent rain and moisture during transportation.
It should be isolated from toxic substances.

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