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Potassium iodate CAS:7758-05-6

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Potassium iodate CAS:7758-05-6

CAS: 7758-05-6


MW: 214

EINECS: 231-831-9

Synonyms: POTASSIUM IODATE VOLUMETRIC STANDARD, SE;POTASSIUM IODATE FOR ANALYSIS EMSURE;PotassiuM iodate, ACS reagent;PotassiuM iodate, 1/60 M solution in H2O;PotassiuM iodate 99.995% trace Metals basis;Potassium iodate ACS reagent, 99.5%;Potassium iodate puriss. p.a., 99.7-100.4%;Potassium iodate reagent grade, >=98%




Potassium iodate CAS:7758-05-6 Product Introduction

Product name: Potassium iodate

CAS: 7758-05-6


MW: 214

Appearance: Colorless monoclinic crystal or white crystalline powder.


Colorless monoclinic crystal or white crystalline powder. Odorless. Soluble in water, dilute acid, ethylenediamine, and potassium iodide aqueous solution; slightly soluble in liquid sulfur dioxide; insoluble in alcohol and ammonia.


project standard
KIO3 content (on a dry basis) % ≥99.0
pH Compliance
Iodide (as I+)% Compliance
barium salt Compliance
Loss on drying% ≤0.5
Heavy metal (as Pb)% ≤0.001
Arsenic (As)% ≤0.0003

Potassium iodate Application:

1.Used as livestock feed additive, medicinal iodine, as wheat flour treatment agent, dough modifier

2.Wheat flour treatment agent; dough modifier; nutrition fortifier.

3.Used as livestock feed additive. In medicine, it is used as iodized salt or medicament for the prevention and treatment of local goiter.

4.Used as analytical reagent, oxidant and redox titrant

5.Used as analytical reagents, drugs, feed additives, etc.

6.Prepare potassium carbonate standard solution. Analysis of zinc, iodine, arsenic. Used as an oxidant in volumetric analysis.


Packed in cardboard drums lined with plastic bags, the specification is 25kg/drum, and services can also be provided according to user requirements.

Storage and transportation:

Do not mix with harmful substances, store and transport as general chemicals, and the shelf life is one year.

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