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Pigment Red 177 CAS:4051-63-2

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Pigment Red 177 CAS:4051-63-2

CAS: 4051-63-2

MF: C28H16N2O4

MW: 444.44

EINECS: 223-754-4

Synonyms: C.I. 65300;pigment red 177;4,4′-diamino-[1,1′-bianthracene]-9,9′,10,10′-tetraone;1,1-Bianthracene-9,9,10,10-tetrone, 4,4-diamino-;ANTHRAQUINONE RED;Pigment red 177 (C.I. 65300);Fast Red A3B;C.I. Pigment Red 177




Pigment Red 177 CAS:4051-63-2 Product introduction

Product name: Pigment Red 177

CAS: 4051-63-2



Pigment Red 177 Chemical Properties:

Hue or shade: Red

Relative density: 1.45-1.53

Bulk Density/(lb/gal): 12.1-12.7

Melting point/℃: 350

Specific surface area/(m2/g): 65-106

pH/(10% slurry): 7.0-7.2

Oil absorption/(g/100g): 55-62

Hiding power: transparent type

Melting point: 356-358℃

Pigment Red 177 CAS:4051-63-2 c5h4o2 COA:

Light (Full shade) 8
Ethanol 5
Ester 5
Benzene 5
Alkali 5
Acid 5
Bleeding 5
Migration 5
Heat stability (10min) 250

Pigment Red 177 CAS:4051-63-2 Application:

1.Mainly used for paint, original pulp coloring and polyolefin and PVC coloring;

2.It can be combined with inorganic pigments such as molybdenum chrome red to give a bright, light and weather resistant formulation, which can be used in automotive paint primers and repair paints;

3.It has high heat resistance stability, and the heat resistance in HDPE reaches 300℃ (1/3SD), and no dimensional deformation occurs;

4.The transparent dosage form is suitable for the coating of various resin films and the coloring of special inks for coinage

Pigment Red 177 Packaging:

25kg/Bag or 10kg/Bag.

Pigment Red 177 Storage method:

Room temperature, dry, sealed.

Pigment Red 177 Related Products——organic pigment:

Product name Cas No.
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Pigment Red 254 84632-65-5
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Pigment Red 210 61932-63-6


1. What is the price of Pigment Red 177?

For specific prices, please contact our foreign trade department.

2.Is Pigment Red 177 in stock?

We need to check with the warehouse.

3. What is the purpose of Pigment Red 177?

Detailed usage is in the product details page.


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