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Phosphotungstic acid 44-hydrate CAS:12067-99-1

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Phosphotungstic acid 44-hydrate CAS:12067-99-1

CAS: 12067-99-1

MF: H6O80P2W24

MW: 5760.11

EINECS: 235-087-6

Synonyms: tungstenhydroxideoxide;tungstenhydroxideoxidephosphate;PHOSPHOTUNGSTIC ACID;SIWA 12-PWA;Dodeca-Tungstophosphoric acid;Phosphotungstic acid 44-hydrate;PTA;Phosphotungstic acid solution




Phosphotungstic acid 44-hydrate CAS:12067-99-1 Product introduction

Name: Phosphotungstic acid hydrate

CAS No. :12501-23-4

Molecular formula:H3O40PW12.xH2O

Molecular weight: 2880.05

Phosphotungstic acid 44-hydrate Chemical Properties:

Colorless, off-white powdery solid or light yellow fine crystals. It is acidic and has redox properties.

It is a new type of multifunctional catalyst. It has high catalytic activity and good stability.

Slightly weathered. Soluble in alcohol, ether and water, soluble in about 0.5 parts of water.

Phosphotungstic acid 44-hydrate CAS:12067-99-1 COA:

Analysis Content Analysis Results
WO3 85.55%
Ammonium salt ≤ 0.02 %
Heavy metal (Pb) ≤0.002 %
iron ≤0.002 %
Sulfate ≤ 0.02 %
Nitrate ≤0.01 %
chloride ≤0.03 %
Water Insoluble Matter ≤0.02 %

Phosphotungstic acid 44-hydrate CAS:12067-99-1 Application:

1.It can be used for homogeneous and heterogeneous reactions, and even as a phase transfer catalyst, which has no pollution to the environment. , is a green catalyst.

2.Mainly used as reagents for various alkaloids, nitrogenous bases, phenols, proteins, peptones, amino acids, uric acid, urea, blood and carbohydrates. biological staining

Phosphotungstic acid 44-hydrate Packaging:


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3. What is the purpose of Phosphotungstic acid 44-hydrate?

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