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N,N’-1,3-Phenylene bismaleimide CAS:3006-93-7

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N,N’-1,3-Phenylene bismaleimide CAS:3006-93-7

CAS: 3006-93-7

MF: C14H8N2O4

MW: 268.22

EINECS: 221-112-8

Synonyms: VANAX MBM;1,1’-(1,3-phenylene)bis-1h-pyrrole-5-dione;hva-2curingagent;m-phdm;n,n’-(m-phenylene)bismaleimide;n,n’-(m-phenylene)di-maleimid;N,N’-M-PHENYLENEDIMALEIMIDE;N,N’-1,3-BISMALEIMIDOBENZENE



N,N’-1,3-Phenylene bismaleimide CAS:3006-93-7 Product Introduction

Name: N,N’-m-phenylene bismaleimide

CAS NO: 3006-93-7

Molecular formula: C14H8N2O4

Molecular weight: 268.23

Properties: Yellow or brown brown powder, specific gravity 1.44, soluble in tetrahydrofuran and hot acetone, insoluble in petroleum ether, chloroform, benzene and water, melting point above 195℃.

Appearance Yellow or brown powder
Heating reduction ≤ 0.5%(70℃ 2h)
Ashes ≤ 0.5 %
Melting point ≥ 195℃

N,N’-1,3-Phenylene bismaleimide Application:

1.As a multifunctional rubber additive, PDM can be used not only as a vulcanizing agent,

2.also as a co-vulcanizing agent for peroxide systems, as well as a scorch retarder and tackifier during rubber processing.

3.It is used in special rubber and rubber-plastic combined system.

4.In natural rubber, in combination with sulfur, it can prevent vulcanization reversion, improve heat resistance, reduce heat generation, anti-aging, and improve the adhesion between rubber and cord and the modulus of vulcanized rubber.

5.Used in the shoulder rubber of truck tires, buffer layer and other rubbers, it can solve the problem of shoulder emptying of biased truck tires,

6.and can also be used in large-sized and thick natural rubber products and various rubber miscellaneous products.

7.PDM is widely used in neoprene rubber, chlorosulfonated polyethylene rubber, styrene-butadiene rubber, nitrile rubber, isoprene rubber, butyl rubber, bromobutyl rubber, acrylate rubber, silicone rubber and rubber-plastic combined rubber In rubber, as an auxiliary vulcanizing agent, it can significantly improve the related properties and heat resistance. It is suitable for high-temperature vulcanization systems

8.It can also reduce the amount of peroxide and prevent the rubber from burning during processing Burning, improve the adhesive strength of rubber and cord and metal.

9.PDM is a sulfur-free vulcanizing agent used for cable rubber. It can replace all sulfur-containing vulcanizing agents such as thiazoles and thiurams, and solve the problem of copper sulfide pollution and blackening of copper wires and copper electrical appliances due to contact with sulfur-containing vulcanizing agents.

N,N’-1,3-Phenylene bismaleimide Dosage:

0.5-1.0 part as a scorch retarder, 2-3 parts as a vulcanizing agent, 1.5 part for improving compression deformation, and 0.5-5.0 part for improving adhesive strength.




Should be stored in a cool, dry, well-ventilated place, and packaged products should be protected from direct sunlight.

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