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Monoammonium Phosphate Fertilizer

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Monoammonium Phosphate Fertilizer

Business Type Exporter, Supplier
Application Agriculture
Packaging Type Plastic Bag
Standard Bio Grade


Product Details

Packaging Size
25kg, 50kg

Monoammonium phosphate (MAP) is a widely used source of phosphorus (P) and nitrogen (N).


Benefits of MAP Fertilizer

    • Provides uniform shape, size and color to produce.
    • It contains high analysis water soluble phosphate with necessary trace elements which lowers the pH of the root zone.
    • Having Nitrogen in Ammoniacal form provides better nitrogen availability and better uptake of phosphorus from the soil.
    • Promotes flowering and root growth.
    • Increases yield both in quantity and quality.
    • Free from chloride, Sodium and other detrimental elements.


Agricultural use

MAP has been an important fertilizer for many years. It’s water-soluble and dissolves rapidly in adequately moist soil. Upon dissolution, the two basic components of the fertilizer separate again to release ammonium (NH₄⁺) and phosphate (H₂PO₄⁻), both of which plants rely on for healthy, sustained growth. The pH of the solution surrounding the granule is moderately acidic, making MAP an especially desirable fertilizer in neutral- and high-pH soils.


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