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L-Threonic acid calcium salt CAS:70753-61-6

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L-Threonic acid calcium salt CAS:70753-61-6

CAS: 70753-61-6

MF: C8H14CaO10

MW: 310.27

EINECS: 615-158-1

Synonyms: L-Threonic acid calcium salt in stock Factory;L-sutangsuangai;L-THREONIC ACID CALCIUM SALT;L-THREONIC ACID HEMICALCIUM SALT;CALCIUM L-THREONATE;L-Threonic Acid Calcium;L-threonic acid hemicalciumsalz;CalciuM (2R,3S)-2,3,4-trihydroxybutanoate




L-Threonic acid calcium salt CAS:70753-61-6 Product introduction

Product name: L-Threonic acid calcium salt


MF: C8H14CaO10


Appearance: White fine granular powder, odorless and tasteless. Soluble in water, insoluble in anhydrous methanol, anhydrous ethanol and ether. Easy to absorb moisture

L-Threonic acid calcium salt Characteristic:

White fine granular powder, odorless and tasteless. Soluble in water, insoluble in anhydrous methanol, anhydrous ethanol and ether. Easily hygroscopic.

L-Threonic acid calcium salt COA:

Item Specifications Specifications
Appearance White or almost white powder White powder
Identification Positive Positive
Specific optical
 +13~16°  +14.2°
Loss on Drying 1%Max 0.15%
Water insoluble 0.1% Max <0.1%
PH 5.8 ~ 7.0 6.2
Heavy metals 10ppm Max <10ppm
Lead 0.5ppm Max <0.5ppm
Arsenic 1ppm Max <1ppm
Iron 100ppm Max <100ppm
Copper 0.5ppm Max <0.5ppm
Cadmium 1ppm Max <1ppm
Mercury 0.5ppm Max <0.5ppm
Assay 98.0%Min 100.51%
Particle Size 20mesh  20mesh
Bulk density / 0.25g/ml
Tap density / 0.50g/ml
Total Bacteria Count 3000Col/g Max Complies
Yeast & Mold 300Col/g Max Complies
Salmonella Negative Complies
E.Coli Negative Complies
Conclusion The results conforms with Enterprise standards.

L-Threonic acid calcium salt Application:

1. Calcium nutritional supplement.
2. Nutritional fortifier, calcium supplement. As calcium source
3. Food additives, health products
4. Used as medical and health products, food additives


Net weight 25kg, paper-plastic composite bag or wovenbag, lined with PE bag, can also be customized according to customer requirements.


Store in a closed, cool, dry and ventilated place, and do not mix with toxic chemicals for transportation and storage.

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1. What is the price of L-Threonic acid calcium salt?

For specific prices, please contact our foreign trade department.

2.Is L-Threonic acid calcium salt in stock?

We need to check with the warehouse.

3. What is the purpose of L-Threonic acid calcium salt?

Detailed usage is in the product details page.


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