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Isopropyl palmitate CAS:142-91-6

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Isopropyl palmitate CAS:142-91-6

CAS: 142-91-6

MF: C19H38O2

MW: 298.5

EINECS: 205-571-1

Synonyms: kesscoipp;kesscoisopropylpalmitate;Lexol IPP;Liponate IPP;nikkolipp;Palmitic acid esters;Plymouth ipp;plymouthipp



Isopropyl palmitate CAS:142-91-6 Product introduction

Product name: Isopropyl palmitate

CAS: 142-91-6

MF: C19H38O2

MW: 298.5

Appearance: colorless or slightly yellow oily liquid

Isopropyl palmitate  Characteristic:

This product is colorless to light yellow oily liquid, relative density (25℃) 0.852 0, refractive index nD201.4380, flash point > 110 ℃, soluble in alcohol, ether, insoluble in glycerol and water.

Isopropyl palmitate COA:

指标名称 Items 指标 Guideline 分析结果 Result
外观 Appearance 无色或微黄色油状液体
A colorless or slightlyyellow
oily liquid
合格 Qualified
含酯量 % Ester content ≥98 98.5
酸值(mg KOH/g)Acid value ≤0.3 0.15
色度 Hazen (Color) ≤30 13
熔点℃  Freezing point ≤16℃ 16℃
折光率 Refractive index 1.434-1.439 1.435
相对密度(20℃)Specific gravity 0.850-0.855 0.852
标准号 Standard number Q/LWM002-2022
保质期 Expiry Date 24months    24 个月
备注 Remark:(化妆品级)Cosmetic       grade

Isopropyl palmitate Application:

1.This product is widely used in cosmetics, with excellent moisturizing and moisturizing effect on the skin. Skin ABSORPTION OF THIS PRODUCT is VERY good, can effectively contact with the hair FOLLICle in the

cortex, penetrate deep into the cortex, and bring the active components of cosmetics into full play of the role of effective ingredients. As a cosmetic solvent and skin moisturizer, osmotic agent, isoproPYl palmitate can be used in sol products, bath oil, hair conditioner, skin cream, sunscreen, shaving cream andother cosmetics. The amount of this product in cosmetics is 2-10%.

2.It is used in cream, lipstick, facial cleanser and bath liquid. After use, the cream is delicate, bright and without greasy feeling.



Storage and transportation:

Should be stored in a dry, cool, well-ventilated place.

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3. What is the purpose of Isopropyl palmitate ?

Detailed usage is in the product details page.


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