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Ferric phosphate CAS:10045-86-0

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Ferric phosphate CAS:10045-86-0

CAS: 10045-86-0


MW: 150.82

EINECS: 233-149-7

Synonyms: iron(iii); ironphosphate[fepo4]; Phosphoricacid,iron(3+)salt(1:1);phosphoricacid,iron(3++)salt(1:1);FERRIC ORTHOPHOSPHATE HYDRATE;IRON PHOSPHATE HYDRATE;iron orthophosphate;Iron(Ⅲ) phosphate




Ferric phosphate CAS:10045-86-0  Product Introduction

English name: Ferric phosphate

CAS number: 10045-86-0

Molecular formula: FeO4P

Molecular weight: 150.82

EINECS Number: 233- 149-7

Ferric phosphate chemical properties:

White, off-white or light pink monoclinic crystal or amorphous powder. Density 2.74g/cm3. Soluble in hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, insoluble in cold water and nitric acid.

Ferric phosphate Application:

1.Uses It is used as a nutritional supplement (iron fortifier) in the food industry, especially for bread. Also used as feed additive.

2.Used as food and feed additive

3.As a catalyst, nano-scale iron phosphate can be used as a catalyst, which has a remarkable effect in dehydrogenation, and can realize selective oxidation catalysis, showing its application potential in the field of organic synthesis. As an additive, iron phosphate can be used as a cement additive or as an iron strengthener. After adding iron phosphate to magnesia cement, you can get magnesia glue and cement, which has good water resistance. Since iron is trivalent, it is not easy to be oxidized in the air, so FePO4 can be added to food, so that the food can be stored for a long time, and it can also supplement the iron element in the human body, improve the ability of hemoglobin to carry oxygen, and avoid iron deficiency anemia ,occurrence of symptoms.



Ferric phosphate Index:

Fe (%) 35~ 36 35.38
P (%) 20.0-21.0 20.11
Na (ppm/w) ≤ 100 45
K (ppm/w) ≤ 100 .conform
Al(ppm/w) ≤ 100 conform
Mg(ppm/w) ≤ 100 conform
Mn(ppm/w) ≤ 300 190
Ca(ppm/w) ≤ 100 32
Cd(ppm/w) ≤ 100 conform
Pb(ppm/w) ≤ 15 conform
As(ppm/w) ≤ 15 conform
Hg(ppm/w) ≤ 3 conform
Cl- ≤ 200 <150
S(以 SO42-)计 ≤ 100 conform
loss on drying ≤2.0 1.7

storage and transport:

Room Temperature, Under inert atmosphere .Store at room temperature

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