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Dibutyltin dilaurate CAS:77-58-7

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Dibutyltin dilaurate CAS:77-58-7

CAS: 77-58-7

MF: C32H64O4Sn

MW: 631.56

EINECS: 201-039-8

Synonyms: DBTDL;Aids010213;Aids-010213;Ditin butyl dilaurate(dibutyl bis((1-oxododecyl)oxy)-Stannane);dibutyltin(IV) dodecanoate;Two dibutyltin dilaurate;The two butyltintwo lauricacid;Dibutyltin dilaurate 95%




Dibutyltin dilaurate CAS:77-58-7

Product name: Dibutyltin dilaurate

CAS: 77-58-7

MF: (CH3CH2CH2CH2)2Sn[OCO(CH2)10CH3]2

MW: 631.57

Appearance: Light yellow or colorless oily liq

Dibutyltin dilaurate Chemical Properties:

It has excellent transparency, lubricity and weather resistance. It is used in soft and transparent PVC products.

After processing, the surface gloss and transparency of the finished products are good, and there is no vulcanization pollution.

Dibutyltin dilaurate CAS:77-58-7 COA:

Item Specifications Results
Appearance Light  yellow  liquid  to  colorless liquid Light yellow liquid
Content(Sn),% 18.5%±0.5% 18.6%
Compound Sn% 8.0-9.0% 8.6%
Water ≤0.4% 0.25%
Color,APHA ≤100# 80#

Dibutyltin dilaurate CAS:77-58-7 Application:

1.Suitable for polyurethane coatings, inks, adhesives and sealants.

2.It is suitable for room temperature vulcanized silica gel, adhesives, and caulking agents.

3.Mainly used in polyurethane rigid foam, spraying, pouring, plate, etc.

4.It can be used as heat stabilizer in PVC soft products

5.Suitable for silane cross-linked products.

Dibutyltin dilaurate Packaging:

25KG/Barrel, 200KG/Barrel.

Dibutyltin dilaurate Storage method:

Ventilated low temperature dry storage.

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Product name Cas No.
Bis(lauroyloxy)dioctyltin 3648-18-8
Dibutyltin dilaurate 77-58-7
Butyltin oxide 2273-43-0
Dibutyltin maleate 78-04-6


1. What is the price of Dibutyltin dilaurate?

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2.Is Dibutyltin dilaurate in stock?

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3. What is the purpose of Dibutyltin dilaurate?

Detailed usage is in the product details page.


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