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Diammonium Phosphate Fertilizer

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Diammonium Phosphate Fertilizer

Business Type Exporter, Supplier
Material Phosphate
Application Agriculture
Packaging Type Plastic Bag


Product Details

Bio Grade
Packaging Size
25kg, 50kg

Di-ammonium Phosphate popularly known as DAP is a preferred fertilizer because it contains both Nitrogen and Phosphorus which are primary macro-nutrients and part of 18 essential plant nutrients.


Benefits of DAP Fertilizer

  • High yield
  • High in nutrients value
  • Does not have side effects as it is broken down by the soil bacteria
  • The high content of Nitrogen and Phosphorous needed for the plants is provided by DAP
  • Cost-effective and high growth in plants brings in high profits


How to use DAP fertilizer 

The DAP is having a rich source of Nitrogen and Phosphorus. The water-soluble fertilizers need to be applied to the soil in specific conditions after analyzing the soil fertility by the soil analysis test. It is recommended that 100 pounds of DAP fertilizers be used per acre.


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