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Cupric carbonate basic CAS:12069-69-1

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Cupric carbonate basic CAS:12069-69-1

CAS: 12069-69-1

MF: CO3.Cu.CuH2O2

MW: 221.11

EINECS: 235-113-6

Synonyms: basic; basiccopper(ii)carbonate; basiccupriccarbonate; copper(ii)carbonatehydroxide(2:1:2); coppercarbonatehydroxide; copperhydroxy-carbonate; copperhydroxy-carbonate/copper-hydroxide(1:1); Copper(II) Carbonate Dihydroxide, Cu Min



Cupric carbonate basic CAS:12069-69-1 Product Introduction

NAME: Cupric carbonate basic

CAS NO:12069-69-1

MF: CO3.Cu.CuH2O2


Alkaline copper carbonate, also known as copper carbonate, is peacock green in color, so it is also called malachite, a valuable mineral gemstone, which is a fine amorphous powder of bird green color. Insoluble in cold water and alcohol, soluble in acid to make the corresponding copper salt. It dissolves in cyanide, ammonia, ammonium salts and aqueous solutions of alkali metal carbonates. It is a substance produced by the reaction of copper with substances such as oxygen, carbon dioxide and water in the air, also known mas patina, and is bright green in color. When heated in air, it decomposes into copper oxide, water and carbon dioxide. It dissolves in acids and produces the corresponding copper salts. Also dissolves in cyanide, ammonium salts and alkali metal carbonate aqueous solutions to form copper complexes. When boiled in water or heated in strong alkali solution, it can produce brown copper oxide, which decomposes into black copper oxide at 200°C. Unstable in the hydrogen sulfide atmosphere, can react with hydrogen sulfide to produce copper sulfide. Alkaline copper carbonate exists in more than a dozen forms of compounds according to the ratio of CuCO3:H2O. It exists in nature in the form of malachite.

Cupric carbonate basic PRODUCT SPECIFICATION

项目(Element) 标准(Standard)% 分析结果(Concentration)%
铜(Cu)% ≧54.5 54.75
镍(Ni)% ≦0.003 0.0022
铅(Pb)% ≦0.003 0.0025
铁(Fe)% ≦0.03 0.0036
钠 (Na)   % ≦0.3 0.18
砷(As)% ≦0.005 0.0012
Acid unsoluble  % ≦0.03 0.023
Moisture  % ≦0.5 ≦0.4

Cupric carbonate basic APPLICATION:

1.Used as analytical reagent

2.Used in pyrotechnics, pesticides, pigments, feed, fungicides, electroplating, anti corrosion and other industries, also used as solid phosphor activator, preparation of mother copper compounds

3.In agriculture, it is used as a preventative agent for black spike disease of plants, an antidote for insecticide and phosphorus poisoning, and a fungicide for seeds; mixed with asphalt, it can prevent livestock and wild rats from gnawing on saplings; it is used as an additive of copper in feed, a dealkalizer and a raw material for producing ,copper compounds when storing crude oil.

Packaging and storage:

25KG Drum/20KG Box

Store in a cool, ventilated warehouse. Keep away from fire and heat sources. Protect from direct sunlight. Packed and sealed. Store separately from oxidizing agents, acids and edible chemicals, do not mix them. The storage area should be equipped with suitable materials to shelter spills.

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