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Bismaleimide CAS:13676-54-5

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Bismaleimide CAS:13676-54-5

CAS: 13676-54-5

MF: C21H14N2O4

MW: 358.35

EINECS: 237-163-4




Bismaleimide CAS:13676-54-5 Product Introduction

Name: Bismaleimide; BDM; BMI

CAS number: 13676-54-5

Molecular formula: C21H14N2O4

Molecular weight: 358.35

EINECS Number: 237-163-4

Appearance: Light yellow crystal

Melting point: 156-160℃

Solubility: Clear and translucent

Test item Standard Result
Appearance Light yellow or yellow powder Light yellow powder
Melting point 152-160 152-158
Acid value ≤1.0mgKOH/g 0.68mgKOH/g
Volatile ≤1.0% 0.16%
Assay ≥98.0% 99.10%

Bismaleimide Application:

1.N,N’-4,4′-diphenylmethane bismaleimide (BMI for short) is a multifunctional organic compound with bifunctional groups.

2.The high electrophilicity of its double bond makes it easy to interact with various The nucleophile reaction, due to its five-membered heterocyclic structure, determines the characteristic heat resistance,

3.Therefore, it can be used as the main monomer to synthesize bismuth polyimide resin,

4.it is widely used in aerospace, aviation, electronics, insulating materials, grinding wheels in the form of composite sheets, films, molding powders, adhesives, coatings, etc. and other fields.

5.At the same time, it can be used as plastic modification liquid and rubber vulcanizing agent.


20kg, 25kg/plastic bag, plus carton.


Warehouse ventilation low temperature drying

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