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Allyl hexanoate CAS:123-68-2

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Allyl hexanoate CAS:123-68-2

CAS: 123-68-2

MF: C9H16O2

MW: 156.22

EINECS: 204-642-4





Allyl hexanoate CAS:123-68-2 Product introduction

Product name: Allyl hexanoate

CAS: 123-68-2

MF: C9H16O2

MW: 156.22

Appearance: Colorless to slightly yellow transparent liquid.

Allyl hexanoate properties :

Allyl hexanoate is also called pineapple aldehyde, also known as pineapple aldehyde, nonadecanal aldehyde, colorless to slightly yellow transparent liquid, with a strong pineapple-like fruity aroma, and a rum-like flavor, natural products exist in pineapple etc. Pineapple aldehyde is recognized by FEMA as GRAS, FEMA Chemicalbook No.2032, and approved by FDA for consumption. my country’s GB2760-1996 stipulates that it is temporarily allowed to be used as a flavoring. It is widely used in the preparation of pineapple, apple, apricot, peach, sweet orange, strawberry and other fruit flavors Type flavors, as well as rum and liquor flavors.

Allyl hexanoate COA:

项目 Items 目标值 Specification 结果 Result
外观 Appearance 无色透明液体
Colorless Transparent Liquid
合格 Qualified
含量 Assay > 99% 99.48%
水份 Water ≤ 0.20% 0.09%
酸值( KOH 毫克 / 克) PH (KOH mg/g) ≤ 1 0.11

Allyl hexanoate Application

1.For the preparation of pineapple and other fruity flavors

2.Allyl caproate is a food flavor that is temporarily allowed to be used in my country. It is often used in the preparation of strawberry, apricot, peach, sweet orange, pineapple, apple and other fruit-flavored food flavors and tobacco flavors.

3.It is widely used in the preparation of edible flavors, spices, tobacco flavors, pineapple and other fruit flavors. It is also an intermediate in organic synthesis.

Allyl hexanoate Package

– 25kg moisture-proof woven bag lined with two layers of plastic bags,
– 1000kg moisture-proof big bag lined with two layers of plastic bags.

Allyl hexanoate storage and transportation:

Should be stored in a dry, cool, well-ventilated place.
To prevent sun exposure, isolate from fire and heat sources, and do not store and transport with ammonia, oxygen, phosphorus, antimony powder and alkalis. It should be kept away from sawdust, shavings, straw, etc. to prevent burning.

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