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Founded in 2008, Sales Global Chem is a large-scale hi-tech enterprise focused on the research and development of fine chemicals and international trade.We have the state of art equipment and R&D teams and we establish complete inspection system and QA system, thus we enjoy solid guarantees to offer customer quality products.

Sales Global Chem aims to achieve the highest possible self-sufficiency and flexibility in production. The company manufactures almost everything itself, resulting in a high degree of vertical integration of manufacturing with accordingly high added-value. In
addition, Sales Global Chem designs and manufactures special machinery and other equipment used in manufacturing processes developed by the company. If these remain secret, significant differentiation from the com-petition is possible at source.

Featured Categories

Agricultural Raw Materials

Amino Acids

Chemical Reagent

Flavour & Fragrance

Food Additives

Health & Medical

Inorganic Chemical

Organic Chemical

Pesticide Intermediates

Pigment & Dyestuff

Plant Growth Regulator

Water Treatment

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